Where to go in Northern Pakistan

The Northern Areas are the most exceptional areas in Pakistan. Folks say Switzerland is all about greenery and nature but have you ever been to the Northern regions of Pakistan, yet? The noisy silence during the night in many locations is an get away from the bustling artificiality of city centers. The only welcoming sounds you might hear are the ones from the plants and creatures or the soothing sound of the rivers flowing by. From snow-capped mountains to crystal clear ponds, the Northern areas have something to offer for everybody. Regardless if you are an ambitious soul or somebody that loves to unwind around nature’s calmness, Northern Pakistan ought to be your go-to holiday spot for all purposes.

In case you are particularly seeking some calming time off work in the heart of nature’s best offerings, then this list is for you. These are merely a few famous sites that every tourist or first-time local visitor must put on their list when you are traveling through the region.


Small town Balakot that’s the perfect example of beauty, peacefulness, and forests. Garhi Habibullah is also located in Balakot. You are able to sit on the tickling, green grass and relish the sounds and views of the Kunhar river. Balakot is also the site to witness the unflinching strength of Pakistanis, who suffered through the most detrimental earthquake in our history in 2005. However, you will notice people today greeting you with a smile, in spite of lost a a lot in the natural disaster. Last but not least, the weather is usually windy and cold, but just ideal enough so you can plan a delightful, hot barbecue!!


Located in Kaghan valley, Naran is known for its jheel, and it’s superior waters that mirror the snow capped mountains around it. Your way to the jheel starts with a crazy jeep ride. I replicate. It gets underway with a jeep ride. This adventurous journey leaves you with countless memories and “fear factor” vibes, as it looks unsafe but is one hell of an experience. Once you complete your trip and lastly reach the jheel, you’ll witness a natural wallpaper. This is where you will be aware you’re at the right place.


Indeed, this is the location we’ve all been dying to go to. It’s a historic royal residence where the “Raja” of Khaplu lived. Also, this is actually the same location where the award-winning Pakistani Drama “Diyar-e-Dil” was shot. Lots of people were interested to learn about the location, as its breathtaking view left everyone in awe. The fort’s history itself is wealthy with tales of numerous conquests and dynastic rules since it was built in 1840. Curiously, the fort also doubles as a stunning hotel run by the well-known group of Serena Hotels and Resorts. So, you’ll literally be residing in the pages of history, with world-class hospitality.